Let me take you hundreds of years back in time to the Phinik era, to a small, rural, remote village called Susuville – the village that tells the story of The Susu.

Our story finds Susuville at the time of its greatest drought – the worst it ever knew. The rain refused to come down, and the land was dry as a desert.

The poor villagers were all starving in pain, scrounging for their next meal on each day using the only resources the village pantry had left to offer: dry kale leaves, tahini cookies, and unbranded raisin-filled energy bars.

One day, a young man named Miller Jr. – a descendant of the Miller family – went far into the woods to glean stray kale leaves, hoping to collect enough to cook another mediocre dish of kale chips for his desperate family.

As Miller Jr. was walking in the forest, a haloed open space was revealed to his eyes in the distance (Some might say it was the original Eureka!). And right there, in the middle of the open space, sitting on an ancient tree trunk, he found what would later change the face of history forever: a juicy burger, topped with cheddar cheese and fresh vegetables, wrapped in a soft, warm bun coated with golden sesame seeds.

"My prayers were heard," he whispered to himself, letting his salty tears run down his cheeks. Without wasting a second, Miller Jr. grabbed the burger and started running back to the village as he screamed "Susu! Susu!" (the Phinik word for salvation).

Astonished by the appearance of the magic burger, the villagers could not believe their eyes. "Is that real food??" they asked each other in doubt, finding it hard to believe the day had finally arrived.

The village's wisest elder came forward to Miller Jr. He leaned forward, patted his back in pride and quietly said "Susu." Salvation.

The village's elder, and the wisest men of the village came forward. He leaned down to Miller junior, patted on his back and said - "Susu", salvation.

The burger's secret recipe was passed from generation to generation in the Miller family until it finally reached Omer Miller – the first Miller to treat Israeli stomachs with the Susu legacy.

Remember kids: Kale chips is not real food!